Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Please move down...

Commuters. If the train is full, the train is full. I am a commuter, and I fully understand the frustration of standing on the platform as an already full train pulls in. But what I cannot understand is why some people take it apon themselves to try and change the laws of physics by insisting that the people who are already suffocating to death on the inside of the cattle waggon, try and 'MOVE DOWN' when there is clearly no more room.

This morning, I felt especially sorry for the poor lady who was mistaken for a man, which added insult to injury.

Instead of shouting 'MOVE DOWN' and scratching at the windows of the train like a zombie from a low budget B - Movie, some things to consider:

  1. Get to the station earlier, or accept the inevitable and travel later
  2. Move further from London
  3. Buy a first class (GUFFAW) ticket
  4. Complain to the train company (Laugh uncontrollably)
  5. Wait for the next train, make polite remarks to the passenger standing next to you who is equally frustrated.

For the record, I got a seat. But that's another story.

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