Thursday, 26 February 2009

Beware the bargains

Credit crunch. How boring, but wait... there are bargains to be had. And so I found myself in Sainsbury's the other day, with the need to purchase a new deodorant. I take pride in my personal hygiene and appearance (lol) and am particular about the products that I use to maintain myself (LMMFAO)! And what should I find in the cosmetics aisle, but a wonderous buy one get one free deal on a name brand deodorant - right guard. TWO, not one, but two environmentally indifferent cannisters of sweat neutralising body spray.

"How much did that set you back" I hear you cry! "There is a credit crunch on you know!"

Fear not! Just £2.54 pence. I repeat, £2.54!!! A BARGAIN in anyone's book.

And so I returned home, bathed, shaved, trimmed, manicured, pedicured, moisturised, combed and brushed my teeth. Then to the finishing touch; the new deodorant. Right Guard Sport, this should suit me down to the ground.

Spray, spray, spray... not too much...

Wait, wait.. then APPRECIATE... sniff.

Oh god, it's stinging nettle flavoured. Kind of like battery acid mixed with dandelions. My B.O. doesn't smell this bad, and that's a fact, and I've got two cans of this sh*t to get through. God help us all.

The moral of the story; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably smells like crap.

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  1. Ahh the perils of the bargain bin!

    I look at this in very much the same way I look at the discounted Sushi invariably available in the supermarket discount section at the end of every day.

    The principal of sushi is surely to appreciate fish in its purest, freshest form, hence why it’s raw. Why then, WHY I ask you, do people see those insidious, waterlogged little black boxes of limp putridity with all the alluring odour of a syphilitic whore’s undergarments as some kind of prize when a little red sticker with “20p off” is applied to them?!

    In the name of all that is holy put the rotten fish down people, you have more to live for than this!

    Also discounted drugs – they are bad too. They give good drugs a bad name, and make you go temporarily blind and your wee smell funny.