Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Living in the Desert

Down and down the day sun beats
Baking in the stifling heats
Of a wilderness, of nothing-ness
Just sand and heat and sun and less

It's hard to breathe in the desert.
Her arms wrapped tight it hurts, it hurts.
I'm stuck I'm stranded on a dune.
Like living in a desert at noon.

Your choices limited, all too few
In the desert heat, all you can do
Is get your head down, carry on
And hope that soon the sand is gone.

You look around to no avail
No-one's there to hear the wail
Of empty lonely hollow cries
Nothing lives here. It all dies.

You're trapped, your stuck,
Your done for, fucked
Do something soon and make it drastic
Get out this shithole and feel fantastic
Your mouth is dry, just keep talking
Your feet are bleeding, just keep walking
There's something coming on the horizon
You can see a new day rising.

But it's not easy. In the desert.