Sunday, 15 February 2009

All tomorrows parties

I'm getting really excited now. It's 3 month's till the original Camber Sands Holiday posse pack it off down to Minehead for the ATP festival as curated by the Breeders. For the unenlightened, ATP is an alternative music festival for the connoiseur, or like me the downright ignorant. The festival organisers choose one (or more) bands of note to curate the other bands. It's a brilliant format, for the simple reason that you never really know what you're going to get. Normal festivals will have a selection of the most popular bands of the moment, along with a few up and coming bands and some of the old guard establishment. At ATP, you just never know.

This'll be the fourth time I've been. Previous curators were:
There's more people on the lineup I've heard of than usual this year. Normally it's practically no-one. Anyway, 3 months to go. I'm songwriting again, playing the guitar a bit more, and starting to do a bit of research on the bands that are going. Role on May 15th


  1. +1 Hell yeah!

    Really want to put together another ATP taster compilation this year. Hopefully get round to it soon.

  2. by the way, if you're on twitter, follow breedersatp for atp band updates (I wrote a program to screen scrape the band updates and post them to twitter! )

  3. Nice one mate, never twittered yet, but might check that out. Cheers for being my only follower by the way ;)

  4. no probs chief...don't get the custard things, still...