Thursday, 27 January 2011

Theory about the universe

Ok, so I was feeding my little boy last night, pondering the universe, as you do. I've been getting well into physics and quantum theory and stuff lately. I don't really get it much, but I think that's why I've been getting into it. It's hard. It's challenging. No-one really knows what the answer is. I like that.

So, I was watching a programme about quantum physics and the double slit paradox (which is explained here:

Apparently we can change the way particles of light behave just by looking at them. Interesting, and yes, mysterious.

I then thought, what a waste it would be if there was no life in the universe. Imagine having a universe, all that beauty and splendour, stars, galaxies, nebulae, etc, but noone there to actully see and appreciate it. What a waste! It reminded me of the question about whether a tree falling down in a forest with nobody there to witness it, makes any noise. Perhaps we are all here by way of a validation. Just by being here, and being able to witness the universe, and all the things around us, we are in some way validating its existence.

Perhaps we are here on Earth to validate the sections of the universe that we can see. In which case, who is validating the sections of the universe we can't see?

Then my little boy threw up over my shoulder and went to sleep.