Tuesday, 17 February 2009

It's a laptop Paul, a laptop

Dear Mr Smith,
It has come to my attention that you are currently using what is sometimes referred to as a "LAPTOP COMPUTER"., it is not as you may have well have thought "CUSTARD".

CUSTARD is a noun used to describe a range of preparations based on milk and eggs, thickened with heat. Most commonly, custard refers to a dessert or dessert sauce, but custard bases are also used for quiches and other savoury foods.

The word COMPUTER can be traced to the latin word "computare" - "to reckon" or "to count". Computers as we know them in their most primitive state were used to "reckon" or "compute" data hence the creation of the noun "COMPUTER".

The word "LAPTOP" is used to emphasise the portable aspect of the device you are currently using i.e. you can use it if you so wish on "TOP" of your "LAP".

The conjugation of the words LAP, TOP and COMPUTER are thus combined to form the words "LAPTOP COMPUTER". A COMPUTER you can use on TOP of your LAP.
Is this now clear? I hope you understand.

It is not therefore "CUSTARD" it is a "LAPTOP COMPUTER".
Feel free to use this information at your discretion.
Kind regards

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