Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Music Live(s)

So I went for my normal stroll round East London today at lunchtime. I lost interest around about The Museum of London, and started heading back to work, until I remembered that the frankly excellent Pure Groove record store had recently reopened after a refurbishment. Lets examine the evidence. Pure groove is a classic independent record store, come new music online outlet type place. Just when you thought that independant music had become the property of the net, up crops a real life place with real life people. Not only that, but they now sell proper booze behind the counter, along with real life records, by real bands, and here's the clincher, REAL LIFE BANDS PLAY IN THE SHOP. A T L U N C H T I ME!!! Result. Todays offering was a quite lovely band called Soy un Caballo from Belgium.

This band sound better in the flesh than they do on their my space site, and they sound good on their myspace site, so you can imagine how happy I was to have happened across them on an otherwise dreary February afternoon just up the road from work. It's a two piece band. A two piece Richard. But there's at least four pieces of talent in there, with some beautful bass guitar / Xylophone (possibly Glockenspiel I have no idea what the difference is) and some really sensitive guitar work too. It's as twee as twee can be, but you've got to love it for that.

But what I loved more than anything was that the place was full enough to make this happen. The band loved it, we loved it. If only there was more of this kind of thing going on. The virtual world is great, but nothing beats seeing music like this.

Thank you to Pure Groove. Thank you to Soy un Caballo

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  1. A xylophone is made from wood (xylon=wood in greek). Glockenspiel is generally made from metal.