Thursday, 15 September 2011

Great shopping list idea

Dear Sainsbury's
I had a great idea last night as I wondered around the Luton, Bramingham store. My wife gave me a shopping list, with £120 worth of shopping on it. Although the list was comprehensive, she had just made the list throughout the week, so when I got to the store, the articles were in a random order. This meant that as I did my shopping, I was continuously having to track back and find articles on the list that I had inadvertently walked past.

So I had an idea.

It would be very useful if for all of your stores, you had a printed or downloadable plan of the store, broken into sections, ie:

Fresh Veg / Fresh Meat / Butchers / Deli / Tins / Alcohol / etc. You could even do this as a plan of the store. THis plan could then have space along side the sections (shelves) where people, like my wife, could write the list. Then, when people like me go to do the shopping, it's all in the correct order.

I'm sure you'd agree this would be a very useful thing for your customers, and a great value add.

I'd be happy to help you develop this idea further. I am a graphic designer by trade and would be happy to work with your team to draft something up for trial if you thought it a worthy idea.

I hope yo hear from you soon.


1 comment:

  1. Great idea Ted but I can't imagine they'd go for it - for the same reason they move things from place to place regularly - they want you wondering around with no idea where things are hoping that you buy extra shit you see on your way round.

    Went into the local Morrison's recently to buy a pizza. Got to where they've always been and found out they'd moved to the other side of the store. Turned around and walked out in protest.

    Bah humbug ;-)