Monday, 14 February 2011

Monday shmunday

They don't get any easier do they, mondays. Thank god then for the Sunday service with jarvis cocker, and the finest hour with guy garvey. Two radio programmes on bbc 6 music, without which I doubt I'd make it through through day.

It'd be interesting to meet the director of programming at 6 music. They just got it so so right in getting those two making radio programmes. It's a bit like when Bob Dylan did his theme time radio hour. There really is something so heart warming about non-radio people doing radio. They screw up all the time, scythe wrong things, occasionally let a little swear through the net. It just seems a bit more human.

I could quite happily listen to that kind of show all day. Diverse, interesting, informed, funny, intelligent, heart felt... more of the same please BBC, and I will happily keep paying my license fee.

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